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Amarillo Plastic Fabricators - Sinks

Since the early 90’s Karran Sinks have been an industry leader when it comes to complete seamless integration into a laminate or solid surface counter top.


This process allows for a total sanitary easy to clean sink that functions beyond expectation, yet is visually appealing and inspiring.


When considering a sink for your home, you should consider what material you would like the sink to be made of and what type of sink you want. There are certain sinks which are better suited for the kitchen area, and others which work better in the bathrooms. Sinks which are more durable and resists stains are better suited for your kitchen.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are among the most popular sinks on the market.  Stainless steel sinks are incredibly versatile allowing them to be installed integrated in one piece. When considering this type of sink you should consider how much use it will get. The benefits include a resistance to heat and stains.