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Amarillo Plastic Fabricators has provided commercial and residential cabinets since 1951. Healthcare, Educational, and financial sectors are the most frequent users of Laminate casework.


However homeowners looking for contemporary and low maintenance cabinetry choose Plastic Laminate cabinets as opposed to traditional wood. Although Foil Laminated Raised Panel doors can be added for a traditional look with the easy care of laminate.


Our facility employs the latest technology and automated equipment to insure a quality product completed on time.


Deciding to remodel your kitchen might include new cabinets. If you are thinking about replacing the cabinets in your kitchen there are a few things that you should consider. Decide what you want to change about your current cabinets. Are you wanting a different style or different material? Do you want to move certain cabinets to give you easier access to certain items when needed? Answering these few questions will help give you a general idea of what features you want in your new cabinets.


Once you have an idea of what you would like, you should focus on certain attributes that will make your cabinets completely unique. Consider this your chance to design your cabinets around your current decor and add a touch of style to your kitchen area.

Commercial Cabinets -  Amarillo Plastic Fabricators


Decide what you would like the material of the cabinets to be. Solid wood is the most popular

choice with good reason. Solid wood cabinets are durable, heat resistant and they resist

moisture which is common in the kitchen area. If you don't want to install wooden cabinets

other choice include melamine, stainless steel and metal cabinets.



The next step in selecting the perfect kitchen cabinet is determining which doors you want. Whether your kitchen design offers a contemporary feel, or a rustic country feel you can find matching doors to perfectly compliment your kitchen. There are generally three types of doors for your cabinets.

Raised Panel: Raised styles are common in traditional kitchen settings. The middle section of the door is raised to create a slight groove between the panel and the cabinet door frame. This creates a symmetrical rectangle which perfectly outlines each cabinet door.


Slab or Flat Panel: Slab cabinet doors have no frames or grooves. They are one solid piece which closes flush against the cabinets. These cabinet doors are more popular in kitchens sporting a modern design. Color should complement your countertops and your appliances. These cabinets do not have much style to them, so hardware can really make them stand out when chosen accordingly.


Recessed Panel: These cabinet doors are the exact opposite of raised panel doors. The middle panel is slightly lower than the frame of the cabinet creating one large outline in the middle of your cabinet. These cabinets are simple yet still stylish and popular in contemporary and traditional kitchen settings.


Professional Fabrication from highly experienced and equipped personnel


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Commercial Cabinets -  Amarillo Plastic Fabricators
Commercial Cabinets -  Amarillo Plastic Fabricators